The role of caregiver can be an enriching experience of commitment to others, but it also entails risks of abuse. It’s a shared responsibility to treat caregivers properly.


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If you are a caregiver

Find out how you can promote proper treatment and find resources to help you make sense of your daily routine.

If you are close to a caregiver

Discover simple actions and attitudes that can help you treat the caregivers in your life with kindness.

If you are a health and social services professional or community worker

You can help raise awareness. Access resources to encourage discussion on the taboo subject of abuse, or to organize an awareness workshop in your community.

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A shared responsibility!

Caring for caregivers is a comprehensive approach to support. It aims to promote support, listening to their needs and valuing their contribution. To find out more about the actions of Proche aidance Québec, click here.